Installation view of the exhibition. Image courtesy David Luo


Minku Kim

Feb 28, 2017 - Mar 09, 2018

Opening Reception with the artist: Feb 28, 2017  6-8pm

About The Artist

Minku Kim (B. 1989 in Seoul) lives and works in New York City. He graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Painting. He was part of Cooper Union's Outreach program from 2007-09. He primarily works in painting and sculpture.   Read More >

About The Exhibition

BIGGERCODE Gallery  is pleased to announce Minku Kim's first exhibition at the gallery - Straight Edge Painting, which will be on view at the BIGGERCODE Gallery from February 28, 2018 to March 09, 2018. In the exhibition, Kim will present the latest series of paintings which he explores the definition of abstraction using geometry and colors. 

The artist's upbringing has always been in major metropolitan cities, such as Seoul and New York City. It is the urban environment that is filled with artificial lightening and repetitive graphic information that makes Kim feel like home. His primary interest in recent paintings is to achieve a composition that is completely ordered yet dynamic. The intention is to create invented space that is flat like a computer screen. Although trained by figurative tradition, Kim is no longer interested in illustration or the depiction of objects, rather, he focuses on pushing space that is not completely comprehensible, and that challenges traditional notion of abstraction. 

The current series is colorful, abstract and geometric. The artist pays great attention to colors as they evoke a sense of feeling and memory; light blue and green nostalgically create landscape; grey reinforces the idea of home in concrete and industrial material. He uses competing weights of different formal interventions to create discords in his ordered compositions. Logical and irrational decisions are made as Kim layers different sizes of rectangles, squares and triangles. He uses rulers, sharpies, and pencils to grid out as he paints, and deliberately not to use tape in the process to achieve free-hand painting as to create an organic feeling when the audience stand close to the works. 


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