Installation view of the exhibition. Image courtesy David Luo


Ning Fang, Gina Hong, Weiyi Quan, Yesiyu Zhao


Dec 1-15, 2017

Opening Reception with the artists: Dec 1, 2017  6-8pm

About The Artists

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About The Exhibition

BIGGERCODE Gallery is please to present Momentos-Captured Memories, an experimental
group exhibition featuring works from Ning Fang, Gina Hong, Weiyi Quan and Yesiyu Zhao. All artists are SVA (School of Visual Arts) students and graduates, who represent the New York art scene in four different categories: painting, sculpture, design and lightening. These young artists have created works that act like a refreshment in the industry. Their creations focus on the currently matters and self-recognition, instead of ideas that have been explored by many

Are dreams real or unreal? Sometimes I can’t tell.

Freud said that dreams are constructed of two parts. The past and the present.

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