Installation view of the exhibition. Image courtesy of David Luo


curated by James Chen and Kristen Lee

Artists: Loren Britton, Ahmet Civelek, Tiffany Jaeyeon Shin, Winslow Funaki, Rui Hu, Jenny Jisun Kim, Aaron Lehman/Thomas Laprade, Ricardo Nagaoka/Evan Grothjan, Ke Peng, Hello Velocity/PIYENJI (Jacqueline Lin, James Orlando, He + Hu), Christopher Rutledgem Darryl Westly, Dorothy Zhang


July 27 - Aug 7, 2017

Opening Reception: July 27, 2017  6-8pm

About The Exhibition

Freddo Chen presents close, but not touching, the inaugural show at new SoHo-based gallery Biggercode. A group interdisciplinary exhibition, close, but not touching consists of artists who present or utilize modes of production that converge through the passage of time and the history of art. Taking its idea from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5, this curatorial venture from James Chen and Kristen Lee will present works that echo the past in evoking certain sentiments and feelings, but within the landscape of today’s surface. Art and visual culture move in anything but a linear fashion, similar to the Tralfamadorian perception of time.


SINOVISION | Close, but not touching

On July 27th, its gallery space opened its first interdisciplinary exhibition, Close but not touching, that features many young artists coming from diverse cultural background. Read the full article >