Installation view of The Bright Side. Image Courtesy of Kevin Zhao


Gregory Moncada, Kate Hush


Sep 9 - 29, 2017

Closing Reception with artists: Sep 21, 2017  6-8pm

About The Artists

Born, raised, living and working in New York, Gregory Moncada is a multi-disciplined visual artist and art industry professional working at Christie’s as lead art handler. Classically trained in Fine Arts in Florence, Italy and a work ethic learned from the streets and the fast paced work environments of New York City. Read more>

Kate Hush speared in New York City via train, has held an interest in wicked women from birth, and first touched neon lighting the year Karen Black was taken from us. She is a quiet woman, and doesn’t wish for you to know any more. Read more>

About The Exhibition 

Both using light as an artistic medium, the two artists deftly employ new media tools across disciplines and bring new light to some long-standing issues in the art world and the larger society beyond. Art is for people to experience. Indeed, the two artists create a surreal space for audience to reflect themselves through the light they created.

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